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Historical and Folk Competition Contemporary Competition
Gospel and Spiritual Competition Vocal Solo Competition

2018 Competition Results

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All Choirs will be adjudicated in the required Historical and Folk Competitions during Competition Concerts. Children’s Choirs and Youth Choirs are evaluated in separate divisions. The Festival invites all choirs to participate in additional categories.

Choirs may choose to perform in optional competitions for Contemporary Music and Gospel/Spiritual Music. There is no separation of children’s and youth divisions for these categories.

Individuals may compete in the optional Vocal Solo Competitions. Each choir may enter up to four soloists. Children and Youth singers are evaluated in separate divisions. Competitors must meet the Age Requirements and be amateur singers. If there is any question as to a singer’s amateur standing, please contact the Festival office prior to the Festival. The Festival reserves the right to determine this status.

The Historical and Folk Competitions are adjudicated during a 25 minute performance at public Competition Concerts. Each Choir will have a 25-minute performance time during the concert. Choirs are encouraged to add additional repertoire to their set to complete their 25 minute performance but only the pieces performed for the Folk and Historical Competition will be evaluated by the jury.

The Festival does not provide accompanists for choirs and soloists for any competitions.

New Compositions & Special Prizes

An important objective of the Festival is the encouragement of new compositions for children's and youth choirs. Special prizes may be awarded for the best performance of a new composition, within the last two years, as well as for noteworthy conducting.