Audience and Young Children Policy

We hope that each concert will be a wonderful learning and enjoyable experience for our audiences, both new and for the more experienced concert-goer. We also hope that new parents with babies and very young children will enjoy the music but understand that our choirs, and those of our visitors, have spent a long time preparing for the Festival and its various competitions. As such, we do ask that everyone, regardless of age, be able to sit quietly through a two-hour or more concert without disrupting others. A great introduction to learning about concerts, and learning about music, may be in taking the young music lover to see one of the smaller “Spotlight Concerts.” 

Ushers may ask parents whose children are noisy to remove them from the venue. If there is repeated disruption, we reserve the right to revoke admission and refund your ticket price, excluding service charges. We ask that cell phones be silenced and turned off and that parents do not block aisles or of those seated behind them with videotaping.